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Originally I posted this for the Degus International Forum: ... f=28&t=550

With this thread I want to show some pictures of my germination tries in 2012. It was'nt as successful as my first try in 2011, but the acacias were growing well and the Espinos (Acacia caven) still do so.

Here are the Espinos (Acacia caven):


Here are the silver acacias (Acacia dealbata), well they are introduced plants, but they grow in southern Chile:

Not so successful is the germination of Lobelia polyphylla. The seeds germinates but it is a problem to maintain the plants and let them growing well. The sun dried out the young sprouts several times and I had to begin again. Actually I try to raise them in shade and hope that this works better:

Similar it looks with Cistanthe grandiflora. In contrast to Lobelia the germination rate is quite poor. Young plants from the first try dried out unfortunately and the new seeds didn't germinated yet. I haven't any photos from this try. Hopefully it will work, but eventually I will search this plant in the botanical garden in Munich. So I can get at least photos from the adult plants.

Here are all my pots:


Update 2013:
In spring/summer 2013 I killed my last Acacia dealbata, I assume that I gave too much water, I introduced it to a water hungery sweet pepper plant and I think that was my mistake.

As I moved in spring 2013, I started completely new and I have now a balcony instead of a garden. This challenged me as I have to find out first the possibilities and limits I have to deal with as I do not have any experience with balcony gardening. In general this first balcony season was quite successful, only the Chilean plants were quite a big fail. Except of the Madia sativa and some unidentified plants (I assume they are Cordia decandra) everything I have sown died off! However my old Chilean plants (the Espinos, the Quilos and the Porlieria) do well.

I started a more detailed thread here, where I report from time to time what happens in my balcony "garden":

Deutsche Version:

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